These programs focus on prevention, as well as treatment focused on prevention, and of the most frequent problems of the locomotive apparatus and as well as common diseases.

The Healthy Back

This program is designed for those who have back pains due to bad posture and because of lack of movement. The program consists of 6 visits, each lasting 60 minutes: one 30-minute examination of the locomotive apparatus, three 30 minute treatments using the soft-tissue technique and spine mobilisation, five 30-minute back massages, three 30-minute sessions of exercises for correct and proper body posture.

The Back School Seminar

This seminar can be run in an adjusted form as a part of a corporate event or, if agreed upon, directly at your company. The number of participants is limited to 10 – 15. For more information, please go to the “Offer for companies and hotels” chapter.

Exercise by Ms. Mojžíšová

Treatment for functional female sterility. The program consists of six 60 minute visits: one 30 minute examination of the locomotive apparatus, six 30 minute mobilizations of the lumbar spine (lower back) and pelvic joints, five 30 minute sessions of exercises developed by Ms. Mojžíšová.

Exercises for pregnant women and mothers

Several 60 minute visits (as needed). Exercises for pregnant women brings relief from back pains, decrease leg swelling, and improved physical condition and mental well-being. Beginning exercises after giving birth speeds up recondition, strengthens weakened muscles and reduces body weight.

Exercises for children and teenagers

This program consists of six 45 minute visits: one examination of the locomotive apparatus, six 45 minute sessions showing how to exercise at home. Parent participation is required.

Fitness program

Weight reduction, improvement of condition, and relaxation. The program consists of twelve 60 minute visits: one 30 minute examination of the locomotive apparatus and measurement of body parameters, one 30 minute consultation to go over a proper wellness regime and set up of an individual exercise plan, eleven 30 minute sessions of individual exercising, and eleven 30-minute massages.