These procedures help to improve overall physical and mental well-being, and assist in the process of strength regeneration and fatigue relief. They also improve circulation of blood and the lymph, increase joint mobility and positively influence one’s state of mind. Further, they help the overall better physical appearance and slow down certain processes such as wrinkle formation, skin and sub-cutis regression.

Relaxation and sport massages

Are used for refreshing the body and for faster relief from fatigue. Their further significance lies primarily in prevention, help to ease regeneration of the muscular apparatus, preventing muscular shortening and improve muscle elasticity. During sport massages, we use firm and vigorous pressure and techniques through which we achieve a better warm-up of the muscles. We use massage oils and emulsions.

The reflexive massage

Is used for relaxation of deeper sub-cutis structures and has an anti-soreness effect. It is most useful in cases of backpains and migraines. We perform this type of massage in various combinations, without massage oils and only through finger, palm or elbow presses.

The reflexive foot massage

Releases small joints of the foot, stimulates muscles of the foot arch and in a reflexive way influences the whole leg, hips, lower back and some inner organs. It effectively eliminates the feeling of “heavy and tired” legs.

The lymphatic massage

Influences the lymphatic system, which is a system of lymph nodes connected to vessels and circulating the lymph. Lymph circulation is passive, enabled only through a “muscle pump” – which is when the surrounding muscles mechanically press onto the lymph vessels. Because of excessive static stress (e.g. standing or sitting for long periods of time), after accidents or due to infections, the lymph nodes get plugged, swollen and become painful. This in turn causes swelling of the extremities. The lymphatic massage uses specific massage techniques to release the lymph vessels and the nodes in order to improve the lymph circulation in the vessels, to increase blood circulation, to improve elasticity of the muscles, skin and sub cutis, and to reduce the signs of skin aging.