This treatment covers a wide spectrum. It primarily includes cases after orthopedic, surgical and neurological surgeries, as well as all post-injury cases of the locomotive apparatus (breaks, joint sprains and bruises).

In post-surgery cases, we need a doctor’s recommendation. Post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation uses a wide array of methods, which are either combined or changed during the treatment based on the condition of the patient. We use relaxation techniques (massages, mobilisation, stretching, electrotherapy and thermal procedures), as well as stimulation techniques (strengthening, electrotherapy, different sensomotoric and reflexive methods).

The length or duration of the rehabilitation varies greatly and all cases need active participation of the patient in the form of exercising at home.

Your first visit includes:

  •  examination of the injured body part or the surgically effected area, joint mobility, and strength of the muscular apparatus
  • treatment through the most appropriate techniques with regards to the problems or as recommended by a doctor
  • treatment against fatigue and soreness (massage, relaxation techniques)
  • individual exercise (practice of special exercises for exercising at home)

Further visits include:

  • check-up examination
  • treatment appropriate to the type of problems or as recommended by a doctor
  • treatment against soreness and fatigue
  • individual exercises