Care of the athlete is a specific section of modern physiotherapy, which requires specialised experience. All Athletes need this kind of care during their sports career, during training as well as in competition. We offer our services primarily to actively competing Athletes and to their clubs in the areas of treatment and prevention.

Regeneration and relaxation helps to speed up the natural healing process after strenuous physical exercise. We primarily  use massages and water treatment procedures.

Compensation exercises forms a specific part of the athlete’s preparation. Through appropriate exercises, we balance excessive one-sided load of the locomotive apparatus. We use primarily special stretching, strengthening and sensomotoric exercises.

Post-injury rehabilitation has its own specifics, which rest primarily on good treatment of the injury within an acceptable time period, with a subsequent stabilisation of the injured body part.

Care of younger Athletes deepends primarily on an early diagnosis of bad movement stereotypes and their correction through appropriate compensation exercise.

Fitness audit is our own special diagnostic product! We run this audit as a part of training camps. In Prague, we are able to offer this testing to individuals as well.