Karel Beran

I am registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (number 024-01116-1301), which authorizes me to perform the medical profession of physiotherapist.

I spent my professional beginnings in the center for top athletes Red Star / Olymp Praha. I also worked as a physiotherapist of athletic representation of gymnasts and multi sport athletes under the direction of director Pavel Beran and cooperated with tennis player Martin Střelba. The subsequent three-year practice as a physiotherapist at a clinic in Imst, Austria, motivated me to get to know the world, and after returning to Bohemia for several years I worked as a sports instructor at CK Adventura.

In parallel with travel and work abroad, I have developed my private practice while maintaining a practice of continuing to learn all I can about anatomy and physiology.

In 2007, I received an offer to run the Fitness & Spa at the Imperial Hotel in Prague. Our happy partnership forms the basis for my practice.