Wedding Cake Agreement

As long as I can remember, other cake decorators have asked me about the use, writing, execution of wedding cake contracts. And finally, after years of planning to publish it (because I`m sometimes a great slacker), I now share a generic nude cake contract and the guidelines I used when I use them. Certainly, I tell the brides that changes can be made within a reasonable time before marriage. If they realize they have more or less guests than expected or suddenly see a different design or texture that they like, I`ll make the changes if I can (and adjust the price accordingly). It is not a contract. It is a fact sheet. Contracts have details and consequences if things happen unexpectedly: fake cake delivered, fake cherry on cakes, accidents, refunds, etc. After that, if the details are not yet settled, the next step is to nail down the details. Normally, I already have an idea of the size and design of the cake, but before writing a contract, I must have peculiarities. The 2-6 stages sometimes take place at the same time – it`s great when it happens. Just make sure you have the necessary details for your cake contract, have the customer`s signature and receive the first deposit. Are you in layers of cakes and columns and do you calculate only for them? Or are you asking for them? At this point, everything will probably change (event details, cake design, flavors, portions, etc.). To get an accurate account of everything you and your client have discussed, you should keep your cake contract up to date.

The rental fees for the use of cake stands, accessories and display items in vintage porcelain should be discussed and put on paper. To protect yourself from damage, theft and late returns, you must also collect a refundable deposit in advance for your rentals. I said “ideal” because it`s the only step I sometimes forget. I contacted some chicks with me and I said, “Hey, I forgot to send this last payment, and my wedding is this weekend… When do I pay you? Oops! In this case, the answer is: “NOW” … Haha! First, I need a $100 “Save-the-Date” deposit to book a wedding cake. I usually get this down payment and then write the contract. Most of the time, I do it because writing the contract takes time and I don`t want to invest that time unless I`m sure I`ve landed the client. A cake contract formally requires a non-refundable down payment (usually 25-50%) and it will also explain your cancellation policy. If the customer signs your contract, you can relax. The customer has agreed to appreciate your time and effort by committing to follow the order.

Stop being a mess when it comes to paperwork and order management. Well-filled cake contracts make your life easier. Cakes can sometimes earn furniture or stacking costs. These fees are usually flat-rate and apply to cakes that have more than 2 levels. The prices of cakes can be difficult! We recommend pricing based on the number of servings and increasing the price per serving when the cake uses the fondant, additional details, special toppings, accessories or steps. You should whip up a first cake contract and start writing down some information, including: Here`s our Microsoft Word cake order form (.doc). You can save it to your hard drive, add your business information, change the cake flavors available and change all the conditions to fit your business. Make it your own! This form contains room to draw the cake and an information section on device deposits.

Why the 6-8-week window? If you book the cake 8 weeks before the wedding, I usually immediately receive the $100 “Save the Date” and make the first payment in two weeks.

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